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tv   [untitled]    July 22, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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time for a look at the headlines now arundhati bailouts fever and the e.u. continues as leaders structure around for a second multi billion dollar i thought for greece and that's the welcomes itself against attacks by u.s. credit rating since. i took europe's me from it was more serbs are questioning whether that country should join the e.u. those concerns haven't said be a fulfilling its own conditions towards new membership. as news corp chiefs
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try to weather a major media storm critics say there is no surprise the star under the drop in the society of privacy estimates meet the needs. of russia's cultural life doesn't stop at moscow to prove it's the most go out team it's a three hundred kilometer drive to the so-called city of brides something's. hello and welcome to the program on this week's show we are in a bottle by the city of brides roughly three hundred kilometers from moscow this year it's celebrating its one hundred forty of us right now with that there's
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a whole range of exciting cultural events from film festivals to exhibitions it's not all happening in moscow. you can see the route to moscow teams was to drive a journey which roughly takes around five hours. you can also take an overnight train from the station fly by small jet from the capital. in front of it was a hotbed of revolutionary activity in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries some of the most important events of the russian revolution of nine hundred five took place in front of a pool of the first official meetings of the bolsheviks supposedly took place here the city is also known as the big can speak sell council of russia in the middle of the month essentially irrelevant began to develop from a real settlement and relieving influx processing center of russia because of this in front of us and the title of the russian manchester during the nineteenth century with its red brick factory buildings scattered throughout the region you
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can see why the comparison was and still is made walking through the city can see some beautiful old one of those cathedrals and a mishmash of soviet buildings it's almost as if in some coolest time really stands still here. take a look at this plot a college education a christian house. there are many side. these are such as available. populations of the past few decades. in large cities thousands left to seek employment elsewhere to challenge this problem the local government has. installed very schemes and he projects his new economic and cultural issues he's maybe small cities of fresh snow like catching up to the hundreds of thousands of men who work in the sticks on the street in front of. the city writes. songs and is still used today. since the russian economy opened up to competition from
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asia and takes all industries if you decline in the region the future for the city . with major renovations taking place and you still. develop these. if you want to experience a tree say greasy russian city of the west. but event of an ideal example. with this famous phrase about a has always been known as an industrial. international film festival is also playing the city in a cultural spotlight after the russian movie director. dozens of documentaries short films and animations from around the world. one of the outstanding talents to come from the region. he spent his childhood in the town. in two thousand and seven to my. fifth anniversary with the
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support of the government and to. the film festival bearing his name was established. in the school with the experience of previous years real reson a work of on a film i'm most interested in so we have many russian films in the program which the viewer is like a lot but they also want to see someone's. which they normally won't have a chance to watch in the cinema and one such film shin this year is american documentary no one called which has been a big success spelled wired to me usually when you grade six every year around one hundred fifty films a showcase at the event when you get here we can see a selection of the films for this year. so many lectures most of the film the species invertebrates the simple small cities
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of the region. now she's been through she gets to the creek town east of central russia. from the palace of aunts to the museum with their silly cultural or monks here the annual film festival for example brings many tourists and industry professionals to the region from all over the world but why is one of the girls ones that question and more let's meet this week's guest let's look to me to meet you now tell me your involvement with the festival here and about the. wealthy most to go part of the. director. director of programming for this festival so i decided to take this season's soap of unity to compose a competition program which would consist of or term movies of. why . well actually it's not in your idea to organize the holes not in the
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capitals but somewhere in the small cities which might be far away from their crowd but still can become the center. of the for the film industry for film lovers for filmmakers i just can't you know i'm not comparing of course it all over with but it was a great for. well you have a truck and people with the name of costco and what interest to locals have with foreign films i'm not sure about the exact number but i think there are like eleven universities in about about that huge amount of young audience young film buffs who are really ready to be war. and time person that they are really very grateful and i can say only things about the ordeals for example and they're even ready to embrace my old films for example how about retrospective
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of the cost of favorite films which consists of like classical films from thirty's forty's fifty's like. rare. breasts on the other directors from from long ago and these are black and white films which might be of no interest for their mass audience but here you can see like hundreds of people crowded into the same level down. it was thirty three you had x. a lot of good luck with festivals and event in the future. so what other cultural events have been taking advantage of by storm during the summer months some of the city's one hundred futures burst a one hundred forty girls dressed in white scene on the main streets of the native city the bride's parade as it is called was organized as possible celebrations of the city's in the birth rate and term this year brides has also become one of the front of his main trademarks as its female population you sound number considerably
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but now grown in the latest census authorities say the bride to be found among the three to worry about because there are more men than women age less than thirty years old living in the city. even if it is also in the city and one of russia's first russian design is just left side session. in one hundred thirty eight sites it has been named. all it says is a regulator says the city showcasing his collections. recently an exhibition of the design his creations has opened in the central textile museum ensuring not only one of the current clothes costumes but also works of photography as a save event i am sure the connection between the old christian traditions of making clothes contemporary fashion. and the fashion related festival cool a little in palate the same place and it's kind of fills in the event of a region celebrating the area's why connection with the production of fabric and clothes the events highlights include if there are various designs made of linen
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and those were large and that will show a beautiful landscapes on the embankment of the volga river served as the scenic backdrop for the event which simple design is showcase the collections of clothes made from a natural material. payphones idea. is to be part of this wonderful celebration which is going on and he also of course this is a very historic or a very beautiful. makes up will rise at an exhibition called freeze light during with lights as the projects create is also cool it started in two thousand and eight and the artists first noticed it as an online project then they decided to make it bigger and transform it into full scale of projects piecing together contemporary photography and art and you can see the impressive results that were achieved during the very students the bold colors
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streams of light surrounded by various models have resulted in some exciting and vivid images phrase life is a photo exhibition of pictures created by two young russian officer using various sources of light who can do the editing i think the images are really rather intimate if a mother impressive. especially for the first. in a valuable skill system created several images inspired by took his film so that it was from the cannes film festival in one nine hundred seventy two because it is a limit to create such images all you need is a full time camera a flashlight a tripod to keep the camera still in some of munching nation using the long exposure any light leaves a trace and we draw it with face traces of the canada. with a population of almost half a million ivana has a feel of the quaint russians how in constant renovations exciting new exhibitions opportunity and development means there's still
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a life in this textile soviet city one suggests a nation most are simply trifle on the way to the story and pretty domains assignations it seems that this region's cultural potential has really started to flourish well there we have a lot so that's how we have left on this week's program from the city of fried so i'll see you again the same time next week until then for me i'm the rest of the crew about. wealthy british style the sign it's time to.
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market why not. come the why not what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on our. vision disciplinary. as you keep. your list could the penitentiary system transform a criminal law abiding citizen live. a life behind bars one arche. culture is that so much of the taxpayers' money i mean i think i'm a real. pain in the murdoch empire as the phone hacking scandal in the u.k. involves more victims and politicians look for cover all eyes are on the future of . the globe comes with
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what makes a big splash in the world of high tech business what churns advance science into i catch him products they don't understand. he's this guy he followed russian innovators to each of bidders and brought them their big breakthrough back. spotlight on story one technology update here. we. covered. down the official ante application. i pod touch from the shops to. launch all she logged on the. video on demand she's mine old cars. and streets now in the palm of your.
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question on the call. for the full scope we've got it for. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. bailed out fever in the e.u. continues as leaders thrash out a second multibillion dollar lifeline and greece even as the block arms itself against a u.s. credit rating unfolds. in the lights of europe's economic woes more serbs are questioning whether the country should join the e.u. those concerns haven't stopped serbia and for them it's one of conditions towards new membership. as news corp chiefs try to whether major media storm the six eight there's no surprise the standing up to the society of prophecy has been severely to evaluate. what everybody's hand out with all sports and we
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hear that talk n.b.a. time and so forth into europe this summer because of the legal lookout that's up movie seeing some of these incredible basketball stars in russia well it's hard to say whether kobe bryant's will throughout this country if any of that matter but sell one russian of a star has already started with his old team tell you about that in all in a moment. this is sport on r t come and see a life from moscow an amber man calls for the first headlines. the r.v. man march on says must go extend their reach the seven points at the sides of the russian premier league. while back home basketball starts him up a miles got signed and sealed with former side team key until the n.b.a. lockout is over. grandmaster splash windsurfing champion becomes so
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called bike specialist r.c. profiles russia's mikhail yet to show. how we get to those stories in a moment let's start in the far east where russia have extended their domination in the synchronised swimming and that quite explore all championships in shanghai as they once again after last host china to win the free routine combination final now these are the golden girls completing the technical routine on cheese day and they have now emulated that success at it with some gongs and their perfect sally two more swimmers joining that scene for the three weeks in including that. has now become a fourteen signed world champion sue more goals are still up for grabs in the synchronize swimming events. let's switch to football now where russian football premier league resumes after a month long break with a postponed match between leaders say scott and new boys the ball got despite an
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early rally by the home team looks like didn't lynch him later proved they are clearly one of the strongest teams in russia at the moment back their love open the score in the twenty six minute and what some would say here are the brazilian style after dribbling the goalkeeper chipping the defender second half so the our men continue applying pressure resulting in magners scoring his second after running. sunil the final score on that one says star now on a six match winning streak seven points ahead of the nearest rivals city from st petersburg. now one match will be held on friday with being two time for a champions league and setting the person carrots when it seems finished but it's in the wind or rain and cazan now in grozny kurbaan birdie of side have an opportunity to level points with second place needs but their expert formants has been on an upward scale falling to second up for the bullets extension side and
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seven points in the last three games and are traditionally tough to beat at home. so this is what the table looks like going into the second part of the season say scar seven points ahead of champions you need the recently signed in sally international critias although it is franklin there's events going on moscow are in third while fourth place on g. led by brazilian legend roberto carlos will be holding its level points with zinni is in the next round as pakistan hosts st petersburg on sunday now the rest of europe starts their season later in the summer meanwhile english giants chelsea have escaped a few minutes and dollar store against the malaysia eleven on their pre-season tour after a highly controversial late on both states their blushes with just eleven minutes to go did the a drug bob was awarded a free kick the ivory coast striker hit the post but the bowl bounced off it and into the back of the deck is a goalkeeper in johnson easy who then snatched the ball to what he thought was safety replays later showed that the ball rebounded out of the line buds and not
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cross it but the linesman thought it was otherwise. earlier there was a much more convincing success for the bench patrick guerriero wayne rooney and his majesty's mates as they pummeled the seattle sounders seven mil on their north american tour it all started with and michael owen goal for the english and it's the only magic on the nets the first happened other six flew in after the restart the second half substitute routine netting three more than twenty one minutes roughly amounts and so one gold every seven minutes i made the rounds you cover a alberts on projects or the other names on the score sheets so it was well done for rooney but one man did even better ask for a shot or an album that it is trouble with in just nine minutes scoring all the goals and real madrid rubbing a mexican side she was from guadalajara one of those states that have goals one flight in from the penalty spots but that didn't diminish from alice efforts which made all the difference for the spanish giants will not stop their second wind on
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their american tour after josie maureen has been humbled to the beckons los angeles galaxy four one just last week. to the finals of america will take place on sunday with europe why and paraguayan chasing latin america's top football trophy europe why are out for their first title since one thousand nine hundred ninety five while paraguayan have not won the cup america since nine hundred seventy nine euro why are expected to make one change from the side to be perusing finals with together to resurrect starting from suspension is the first time that a loss that states have reached their final since nine hundred ninety nine when for europe why would see them become the most successful nation in called american history would be seen sidles a gives you a revolver said it's their chance to market and historic period for one football. it wasn't a moment when you know we have reached the big moment following along this involving one of the patients
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a world cup and now it is called america it would be great to round off the shame of the success. i know it would be great for everyone. in basketball there's been a very welcome return for tina fey mas golf has a huge russia center has come back to play for his former side he while waiting for the n.b.a. lockouts and in america golf has sided deal with the club left just last year to move to the north american he was traded to the denver nuggets after spending eight in the season you go to the next but with the fourth lockout in the n.b.a. history reading threatening the next season is souring figure will be walking its all in the rush of professional basketball the most obvious soon metres and sixteen centimeters high and coming back to the moscow region club could be a pipe present poised twenty birthday which he marked just last week. before the birth of him you don't wish to remain here i'm happy to be back at him q because it's here where i began it's my home or rather
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a home from home with my parents' place being the main one school but i don't think my experience from overseas will be much help just because all the guys play for the club i experience them so so i don't think anyone will crave my advice since i myself still have a lot so i just do everything i can on the courts and that's the way i'm going in to share my knowledge security. and the caley geoff shaw has had a remarkable it's many years sporting career or first mastering the sport of windsurfing and then packing it all in to become one of the world's best jet skiers richard propped with a muscovites of finds out why he made this career changing decision. to any sportsman who tried to hand it to different states with their in degrees of success bill grand slam link you champion you can compete with one of the best tennis players of his generation and a fine poker player but he's yet to reach the same heights with his goals. michael jordan was one of the best possible players of all time and unfortunately for him
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he doesn't have the same success on the baseball field however the little known detail it shows shown it's possible to be successful in two different disciplines. in which a nightly market when you are successful in one sport you develop your own style and rhythm this is helped me immensely in helping to cross over from windsurfing to get skiing. was crowned russian champion twelve times and by far the best windsurfer in the country needs a ninety's he was almost single handedly responsible for trying to raise the profile of sports such as setting up when certain schools however nine years ago he decided he wanted a radical change in the sporting career itself again. i haven't given up windsurfing is my favorite sport and always will be there are many interesting things to try in life the problem with windsurfing is there's a lot of we've seen a rise in it's going to continue on the elements and today i wanted to try and surf
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but couldn't due to a lack of wind you don't hop are problem with the jet ski with. the show's success is a chance here has been phenomenal and on the chinese these are already established himself as one of the world's best jet skis you need to compete in freestyle competitions where he's judged on the jumps and traits he's able to conjure up in two minutes. with a chance to keep weighing in the region of one hundred fifty kilograms roughly two point daniel's body weight it doesn't look like easiest thing in the world to do this now because of course i started to learn the sport of jet skiing with people who could teach me something so i went to america and answering keurig i started to improve slowly but surely i'm not i'm one of the world's best if you try and teach yourself you'll never get anywhere a lot has changed the last. there sure was here in time in which also helps sailing events but also olympics in one nine hundred
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eighty i can you g.'s when he was in his early twenty's he wasn't always allowed out to sea to windsurf. he would often be stopped by the soviet world accounts wary of the fact he might try to maybe eighty kilometers cashier finland. to say much is changed one reason i don't see where everyone and i only tell you is trying to raise the profile of jet skiing in russia. that there skiing is an expensive sports you could buy because the currents were thirty thousand dollars or so not everyone who wants to can take part in the river your to penzance with the elements you can write off into the water when everyone wants the sport is growing slowly puts much more time and scope is needed for us to. make a real serious there isn't much difference in the technique needed to windsurfing jet ski and this is an obvious factor into the success.
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of the species time between also turkey and all teams continues to train in the hope of trying to achieve in the speed of change ski but he never manages windsurf to win a world title which company for you don't tee time in it so you. back with more in a couple hours however are you sure channel at r.t. support is available to you. carrie. mission. couldn't take three months for charges free to make amends three. three stooges free. lunch can split video for your media projects a free media don carty dot com. from
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india all she's available to the moviegoer month joint field.


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